Thursday, September 07, 2006

Return Flight

Another vacation over. Hard to say goodbyes so I suppose it is best that I had an early morning flight. One is invariably late getting to it and is sufficiently distracted from the task of saying goodbyes..."call me when you get home", "I'll call you when I get home"...seem to be the logical things to say. Direct flights help get away from the vacation and back to daily routines faster - I don't have one. Not much else remains to be done at airports these day - the business belongs to the TSA entirely. My transit is a dreary pause. It seems hot and parched, especially with all the golf courses.
I hope to have preempted the inevitable pretzel with a biscotti today. I am chuffed, and cannot get the grin off my face - never mind that I had to throw away a half-full cup of coffee (the viscosity, obviously, didn't pass the benchmark). But as someone has wisely said, in the war on beverages the best one can do is to keep one's head above water. Finished Alec Guinness's second autobiography - a two year paper blog / journal of daily records - prematurely. I was hoping it would last me through the two flights. I am amzed that he didn't have one arguement or fight or serious disagreement for the twenty-four months! Life holds a peaceful promise at 80, it seems. I am waiting for the beverage cart eagerly; then I can bring out the biscotti with a flourish!
[15 or 20 min. later]...Couldn't wait...ate the biscotti (yum), and am empty handed. Big disappointment.

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