Monday, April 30, 2007

numbing numbers

partly ticked off at each of the following - not being able to watch the endless affair, not being able to watch India play to their listless best, and not being able to enjoy the Carribean beaches - I take solace in the numbing numbers:
  • 4,258.3 overs were needed to confirm that Australia are the best side in the world
  • 164.4 overs were not used by Australia in winning their 11 matches, either by reaching their target early or bowling the opposition out
  • 10 of the 51 matches went down to the last over, in only three of these was the result in any doubt in that last over
  • 45 games were decided by winning margins of more than 45 runs or five wickets - that is, comfortably
  • 47 days the 16-nation tournament lasted - 16 days more than last year's 32-nation football World Cup
  • £12.50 to £25 ticket prices hit attendances. In Guyana the price of seeing a game was equivalent to two weeks' wages
  • 7,000 fans had to make a day trip to St Lucia from Barbados for the Australia v South Africa semi-final. St Lucia hoteliers accepted only 14-night stays at $500 per night

Glorious game, what?