Friday, August 11, 2006

...who would've thought?

seriously, who would've thought the 80's did anything that would make it into a best-ever? But once again, NY Times shows us that if nothing else, it is trendy.
The top thousand films ever made, according to NYT:
1920s: 0.2%
1930s: 8.6%
1940s: 12.5%
1950s: 14.1%
1960s: 15%
1970s: 16%
1980s: 18%
1990s: 12%
2000s: 3.6% (significantly, none since 2002)

These calculations were painstakingly made aound midnight, scrolling down the list, one movie at a time. The author could be wrong, expecially since she was distracted by thoughts on the length of the list, "what? Dumbo is a best-ever?", "yay! another one for Kubrick" etc.

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Anonymous said...

80's definitely top in fashion trends.