Wednesday, August 16, 2006

DIVA, New Face in Fashion

It’s really big, glitzy, and glamorous and its editor-in-chief is none other than Rhea Saran.
Under her expert guidance, DIVA has grown into America's No.2 fashion magazine, outselling such national titles as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and GQ on local news stands.

Savvy and articulate, Rhea, with questionable indeterminable years of experience in the industry, frequently speaks at local
events about the virtues of “hard work”, and is heavily involved with civic activities, related to singing and dancing.

When she's not hard at work or dodging advances from her only male co-worker, Rhea enjoys her outdoor lifestyle, including jogging, dancing at parties, and playing mom with her only son. She has perfected the 'balancing act' between career and family by ignoring her bitter, insecure husband's nagging presence, and feels dance-clubs can be therapeutic.

left to right:
1. dancing
2. only male co-worker
3. female subordinates
kabhi alvida na kehna


Harold Kumar said...

Personally I thought it was all style, no substance. No gossip, back biting, boss-from-hell, eccentric signature looks...nothing. More blah, less diva.
Big Thumbs Down [BTD].

Toski said...

KANK (what an acronym!) has something-to-say about society, treating other people, truth, beauty, fidelity, love - the whole racket. But more importantly, it aims to look good. And as Billy Crystal’s Fernando always says, "it is better to look good than to feel good." And KANK looks mah-velous!

Anonymous said...

One would have thought, out of all the characters, this one would've been right up KJ and his gang's alley.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is not for real?

Anonymous said...

Why? Were there any doubts?