Wednesday, August 09, 2006

one of those days... no point to make

4 penguins perish in freak Texas truck accident: Octopus unhurt, exotic fish not as lucky en route to temporary home Yepp! They are LIVE allright... cute and cuddly too.
“The rest of the penguins kind of stayed together in the ditch... We’ve worked several wrecks involving cows, horses, pigs, even fish, but this is the first where the live animals were penguins.”

The accident could've been worse, says Texas Dept of Public Safety Trooper Richard Buchanan.
“There was another truck full of snakes and alligators that was an hour ahead of them, so luckily we didn’t have to deal with the alligators.”

In case anyone's interested, the Octopus was bound for Moody Gardens, a tourist destination in Galveston... ... nothing. Just thought it was one of those days.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear State of Texas,

How are things down south? Please take care in the future to not kill penguins coming from my town. We are very proud of our penguins in Indianapolis and don't wish harm on them from anyone, much less rowdy Lone Star residents.

- Nathan

Api said...

LOL... LOL. What a coincidence!

Harold Kumar said...

Any news on what happened to the driver? Or were the penguins driving the truck...which would explain quite a bit.

lolita said...

well, harry... you never know. Maybe the 4 penguins... or maybe some devious "terrorist" organization!! Boo.