Monday, August 21, 2006

sunday forum - ask gollum

Gollum, wasn't that you standing in the line for KJ's new movie 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna' at the Buckingham Mall theatre?
Gollum: Ticket prices was 10 bucks my Preciousss... Thieves. Filttthy little thieves! We hates them. And the line was loooong... And when we go in, there's no coming out. The movie Sméagol hates, nasty hobbitses! Sméagol wants to see them... dead!

Gollum, looks like you have met Mr. Egg at the theatre?
Gollum: He was an egg-case, Preciousss. A complete goose egg! Selling tickets! But, he swears to serve the Master of the Precious. He ssswears!


Anonymous said...

Celebrity sighting at the usually dreary mall! ...whoohoo!Unfortunately, Gollum finished all the samosas, so there were none left for the rest of us. Probably the price to see Gollum, I guess.

sush said...

Gollum! Gollum! You greedy pig!

Anonymous said...

Who is this Mr.Egg (Humpty Dumpty)?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Egg is whatever one wants him to be...scrambled, jumbled, sunny-side, fried, hard-boiled,!!!

Anonymous said...