Monday, June 05, 2006

"trust in me... just in me..."

I was wasting my sunday evening watching some celebrity-couples show on vh1, when Tom Cruise started gloating over how he proposed to his fiancee on top of the Eiffel Tower.. because he loved her so. And then it suddenly struck me. Is it the smile that makes it so sinister? That over-confident grin, with that unflinching stare, and the dead-pan conviction in his eyes... ... made me wait with bated breath for him to break into a muhahaha laughter any moment.

Once I carried these snakes around my neck for a stage show at a zoo in Singapore. And there was this one snake, a yellow anaconda, which kept darting for my face. I swear it had a smile on its face, and a hypnotic fixed stare. Strangely I wasn't scared (suffocated though, with all that squishing), because I knew exactly what that smile meant. It was the predictability of a one-track mind.

When it comes to the crux of it (political or otherwise), Kaa is still my hero... George Dubya looks far more convincing and believable when he doesn't have that silly smirk on his face. I wish TC would try bungee jumping from the top of some gorge without the chord tied to his feet. One less psycho in the world. I ask you, since when has it become so hip to wear one's heart in one's sleeve? Ok, now I am just rambling on... maybe I should call it a day.... or stop watching vh1.

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