Friday, June 30, 2006

my maa is better than your mom!!

your mom:
She's 40, doesn't look it, sexy, in a motherly kind of way, soft-spoken, and has 12 kids. And her tummy is flatter than a pancake, or a witch’s tit (whichever).
Her idea of good parenting is love, understanding, guilt, spontaneity, and "talking the talk" when the time is right.
She had been wanting to bear a dozen children since her highschool days. Career is “in”, because she is "a today's mom" (and 12 unruly, obnoxious children don't come cheap)... ... but, spends 75% of her time cleaning after her conceited, self-absorbed, needy kids, and feeling guilty about ever wanting to have a career. The rest of the 25%, she continues to love and understand them more.
Her husband is some ugly, old... umm... person, who thinks she’s irresistible, and their love-life is hot, hot.... hotter than the horniest of jackrabbits (hmm... ). The kids throw food around breakfast table, and set the neighbour's house on fire. But, hey, as long as they have each other (and can keep laughing at the neighbour's expense)... it's all good!

my Maaa:
She is this once-pretty, over-weight, middle-aged lady with charm and grace. Her tummy is... umm... always covered with the aanchal of her designer sari. She is a home-maker, and has always dreamt of being one since her elementary school days.
She has two sons. “Chhoto poribaar, shukhi poribaar” (trans. small family is happy family and this is south asia). Her idea of good parenting is telepathy and "a mother's instinct".
She spends 60% of her time sitting and moping over her two sons, 20% of her time fake-frowning at her husband, 10% of her time polishing her baubles stashed away for her future daughter-in-laws, and 35% of her time praying… with a thali (plate) and diya (candle) in hand. No, that didn't sound right. Actually, 120% of her time standing with a thali and diya in hand.
Her husband is "pati parmeshwar", her God. They have a playful, romantic relationship, where romance is "implied hand-holding" when the children are not around. She is loyal and respectful towards him and shuts up when he tells her to.


Toski said...

Bravo! Maa makes the entry!

lolita said...

I think, 'the west' misses large families with stronger family ties, concerned parents, especially home-maker moms... And for 'the east', it's a small family with (again) stronger family ties, and values, religious, cultural or otherwise.

These movies are "nostalgic" about families that societies once had... and secretly desire. And the success of these movies strengthen that belief.