Saturday, June 03, 2006

and how the cookie crumbles ...

A good lazy afternoon ritual I had, with a brewed good cuppa hot black tea (the real one) and the "petites madeleines" ready to be dipped. And this ‘madeleine’ was rare, almost perfect. The look was pleasing to the eye, the double surface texture intact, ridged versus smooth. The exquisite buttery, lemony treats awaited softening in hot tea, … almost perfect, I thought... ... until I dipped one. The morsel broke off, leaving me fishing about in my teacup for crumbs with a spoon. No fun, this spooning around. The 'crumb factor' ruined my afternoon treat.
Rang de Basanti turned out to be a baking "don't"... a little too parched for my taste. It digressed. The fresh power talents, the energy, the intensity, the fast pacedness, and the wonderful wonderful cinematography woven in powerful diverse background scores, and the promise to stand out.... it had it all. But before it could touch my palate, it became a misshapen blob and immersed into the hot liquid.
A soggy toast this... but I am not giving up. This cookie crumbled, but it still looked scrumptious!!


Toski said...

This reminds me of my ritual of stuffing my cup of garam chai with loads of 'Gluco' biscuits until both are unrecognizable in the resulting goop. Yum!

Api said...

I just noticed, the tattoo on aamir khan's arm, and the snake on the girl's leg (post below) look the same... i wonder if that's a sign that we are honing into a cult!! :-(