Sunday, June 25, 2006

the inconvenient truth

...of how i learnt to love the earth [ in time ]

1. Plan an expedition

2. Say your goodbyes

3. Get a jeep

4. And the ladies

5. Take a walk.

6. And the sights

7. And a break

8. Meet the locals

9. ...but carefully

10. End the day with fireworks.

taubah! taubah!


ryan douchebag said...

You guys are something! Didn't the hero of this movie work for the "National Geographic"?... ha ha.

Jasem said...

hey u forgot about a little 'gaana bajana'

Toski said...

The locals don't seem to appreciate all the high pitched screaming. :)

Anonymous said...

High pitched screeching interferes with their supersonic, or is it ultrasonic, communications....I am assuming we are talking tigers here?

Api said...

image #6: Maan, she has some squeaky clean shoes for someone living in a jungle!!