Monday, June 19, 2006

the Ether and nihility, part-II

“… and Hoshino grew up too fast. Too rapid growth. Early shedding soon. But the world around us doesn’t allow the precocious among us to shed their skin so easily. A fully developed pupa can only slowly rot…”

The Ether is a world of 'tranquility lost' parallel to the physical and never intersects . Liliphilia, the online fan-club, a pseudo-mythical domain of modern cyber pop culture, eludes to bring the angst-ridden sociopathic adolescents together, only to capture the desolate, dehumanized vacuum they are drowned in. Something very fragile and beautiful is at risk.

The pupae:

yuichi: the apathetic, classic introvert

hoshino: charismatic, over-achieving class bully

tsuda: the innocent sacrifice

kuno: the gifted pianist


Harold Kumar said...

Be-yoo-ti-fol images!

Api said...

thanks harry!