Sunday, October 15, 2006

they smoke, they drink wine, they eat divine cuisine...

"This is France... and our rights and our freedom are guaranteed by our Constitution. These people must be free to do as they like - and as you can see, they like to smoke" - waiter in smoky restaurant
disclaimer: the author realizes that she began talking about the French. however, she takes no responsibility for being distracted by Omar Sheriff.


Anonymous said...

hail les frenchies!

Anonymous said...

Smoking / No Smoking
Films by Alain Resnais

Alain Resnais
Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agnès Jaoui, based on the play Intimate Exchanges by Alan Ayckbourn
Renato Berta
Sabine Azéma, Pierre Arditi.

France, 1993
135 mins (Smoking), 142 mins (No Smoking), Color
In French with English subtitles

Anonymous said...

Coffee and cigarrettes
Film by Jim Jarmusch

Synopsis:Second-hand Smoke: Spilling the beans in 11 chatty skits

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