Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Daily Dose of India #4

[Times of India, Page One]
....wading through a cacophony of advertisements, random celebrity news and a whole load of cricket trivia, one occasionally finds an "issue". The chai and Gluco biscuits are momentarily forgotten....


Anonymous said...

so where does an educated woman wanting an arranged marriage fit into a critically thinking human being belong? how does one reconcile this? is a reconciliation in this scenario possible? or do we necesarily fall back on either-or dichotomies of 'fighting-rebellion-criticality' and 'giving-up-to-enthrenched-traditions'?

Anonymous said...

A contemplative, gratified "Aishwarya" surrounded by arranged/semi-arranged marriage/dating sites and "Van Gogh Banking" promising to make your wealth overflow (oh, the irony!)

Brad Pitt doesn't like to shake hands with fans, instead he likes to land his chopper illegally in foreign lands, and adopt foreign kids. Milk him dry while you can.