Sunday, October 22, 2006

Overdose #1

While watching the Aus-Eng match, I realised I saw more of SRK than cricket. Tons of ads of course - BCCI milking the cash cow in full view - and an absurd number of them with King Khan in them [apparently he has made commercials fo more than 25 brands]. Here is the list as I remember:
Hyundai Santro (automobile)
Compaq Presario (Laptop)
Pepsi (soft drink)
Lux International (soap)
Videocon (mfg. of home appliances & electronics)
Tag Heuer (watches)
Omega (watches, again)
ITC-Sunfeast (biscuits)
Navratna (Talcum Powder)
Clinic All Clear (Anti-dandruff shampoo)
Airtel (cell phone plan)
Freedom Topper (Motorcycle)
Sona-Chandi (a.k.a. Gold/Silver) (Multi-Vitamin)
....can't remember anymore.
On being asked the products that were on his wish-list as the Endorser, King Khan scratched his head through his lissome tresses and pouted his pouty lips and replied: probably Shikakai and Chap-stick. aaarrrggghhh!


Anonymous said...

"Tons of ads of course - BCCI milking the cash cow in full view -"

BCCI has nothing to do with it. ICC Champions Trophy, as the name suggests, is owned and organized by ICC. All the proceeds go to them, not to BCCI.

Anonymous said...

BCCI, ICC...same difference.

Api said...

"things that make you go huh??": King Khan and Lux, talc, multi-vitamins.

Anonymous said...

there is also an ad with huge devt. properties. dont know why its so important not to leave that out, but probably that he has an equal number od biggies on his ad-list so must make up with 'little things' too!