Tuesday, May 16, 2006

packaged curry anyone...?

...with mint leaves for "mukhvas" neatly packaged on the side.
so, I am watching the Daily Show this evening, like most evenings, and it hits me.
What we are getting is a tv dinner of pani puri. Not that there is anyhting wrong with that - after all, there is the puri, and the pani, and the chana, potatoes, moong - and if lucky, a bit of the masala. Any random mix will do for now....like I said before, neatly packaged and looking very beau-ti-ful. No more debates on whether Calcutta has the best golgappa, or Delhi or Bombay, or (I have to throw this in!) Teen Darwaza. I crave pani puri, and I get pani puri. Besides, by now it has got to a desperation that the idea of eating it will do - in fact with a bit of imagination, I can create the backdrop right from my couch. With a smoke machine. Issue settled, no?


chinks said...

any other movie reviews coming up?

chinks said...

yeh dil maange more?....