Monday, May 22, 2006

My voodoo doll is passive-aggressive

while still on the subject (May 19 post by toski), guess who's the biggest, most revered passive- aggressor in the history of all passive- aggressors in subcontinental celluloid and literature? It's our very own Devdaas, hands down.
Look at 1900, Bengali literature... ... Manipulative, egotistical, vindictive, cowering, spineless males confronted by their strong, aggressive, conscientious, down-to-earth female counterparts. Think of the females, a Mejodidi (Sharatchandra), a Shorbojoya (panther panchali, Bibhutibhushan), a Charulata (Tagore) or a Binodini (Chokher Bali, Tagore), only to name a few... take stands, put their feet down for love, for dignity, for whatever, even at the risk of losing their all and becoming an outright pariah. These apparent emotional wrecks, have evidently shown far more integrity, emotionally or otherwise.

Fast forward to the 21st century celluloid..... All the glory of modernization / westernization couldn't do much for the spines of our subcontinental males. The hapless hero still wins the love, sympathy & applause of the audience. He is a true successor of Devdaas. Example, Dilwale Dulhania..., KKKK (do you really care what that stands for?), or Kuch kuch... (only to name a few). Seriously, how can you resist those big, teary, sad, beaten-down puppy eyes??? He makes big empty promises, gets beaten up black and blue, exploits the dadima, emotionally blackmails the teen sister-in-law, sits at your feet with a lovelorn, dazed look, and keeps clawing at your leg so you'd give him some more doggie biscuits. And the girl/or her family eventually goes "enough!! You will get what you want ... now stop crying !!" And once again, it's the victory of "True Love", a la manipulation & passive-aggression!!!
all I can say is .... get over it people, its been over 100 years... !!! And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go to my bedroom, and stick another needle up my doll's behind.


Toski said...

...and it seems Sanjay Leela Bhansali pretty much created an overbloated, garish doll-house for the voo-doo doll. Amazing, isn't it?

chinks said...

only sanjay leela bhansali? how would there be a absolut vodka fillum without the grand entry, piano and two large winding staircases to create the absolut symmetry?

well, in the hope(terribly unfashionable word these days)that a Lordi crashes the party...cheers!

Jasem said...