Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ashes upon us!#2

A few hours into the cricket and Geoff Boycott is already pulling out a few punches at the English selectors for picking Giles over Monty Panesar (in more serene times Boycott spends his time comparing his mum and grand-mum's cricketing abiliies vis-a-vis the current crop of players).
Meanwhile, another Ashes ritual - people commenting endlessly on the Eng/Aus time difference: "I keep hearing references to how late it is in the UK, things like 'I'm sure you're all stifling yawns'. The thing is, for myself and many other students, this sort of hour is when we're most in our element. My sleeping patterns last week were ridiculous; usually I got to bed at about 9am and then woke up at 5pm..." Ned Pendleton of Leamington Spa. Chink, do you know of this night crawler???

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hmmmmmm...some fieldwork is required here!