Wednesday, July 26, 2006

s[L]ight seeing

There is an unexplainable terror to sight seeing these days. A sort of should-do with a must-do tinge to it, but do-I-have-to making repeated entrances. Want-to, one can guess by now, is absent.
I have found my slacking watering hole! Un Petit Creme, a small little tiny cafe, complete with a very frenchie sounding frenchman of obscure age and smooth voice. Has a naughty way of leaning in and asking one to repeat one's order. Of course one does it with a gratified smile. Makes up for an incredible start to the day.
Australians seem to like ketchup. There is a dissonance when I get it at my frenchie place, and when there are no fries in sight. Besides, it doesn't make its appearance in abottle, but is carefully placed in a petite ceramic condiment bowl.

My breakfasts are big. One way I can justify being in the cafe for as long as possible. There's a small white flat coffee, cereal, baguette, butter, two poached eggs (with cayenne and spring onins as garnish), orange juice and sausage links. Yum. Thankfully, I don't need to eat the rest of the day. Coffee and Camel Lights suffice (sadly, no American Spirits here).
It rains a lot, it seems. But I have discovered that walking in wet shoes keeps blisters away. So I won't complain.
Everyone should go to an opera at the SHO. It beats jostling around with hoards of tourists to get a glimpse of some concrete, or china-mosaic or glass.
Disney is everywhere. The latest incursion is in the Aquarium, where finding the fish Nemo becomes the common thread one hangs on to. Besides, every 'environ' comes equipped with its own background music. After all, watching a shark swim around has to be different experientially than watching a saltie just lie there, not doing anything for one's amusement.
But these are first impressions. More research is required...:)


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